Legacy (1993 to 2016)

These are photos that are taken of me, or by me, between the years of 1993 and 2016. Check back frequently for newly submitted photos!

Copiloting a road trip to Kansas City, Missouri; drinking an energy drink as usual. 2009.

Hipster. 2011.

Behind the scenes of "The Ultra" (2014.) 2014. 

Abandoned Gas Station in Shamrock, Texas. 06/30/2009.

With Candy Clarke at a car show in Seaside, Oregon. 2011.

L.A. Memorial Coliseum. 2011.

Satellite Phone, Mt Rainier National Park. 2012.

Damn Dirty Hippie. Mt Rainier National Park, 2012.

Smoking a Stogie in Seattle, Washington. 2012.

Me with Mt Rainier. 2012.

Wyoming/Utah Border. 2013.

Riding the Washington Metro. Washington D.C., 2014.

My Fellow Americans. American History Museum, Washington D.C., 2014.

Washington Monument. 2014.

On the way to NYC from DC, somewhere in Maryland. 2014.

Grand Canyon. 2014.

Waiting at the Baltimore Airport Amtrak Station. 2014.

Roy's Motel. Amboy, California. 2016.

Austin Beerworks. Austin, Texas. 2017.

Elementary School. ft. David Boncyk. 2004.

In front of a church. North Portland, 2016. B&W 35mm.

Indy the Cat. ~2000, 35mm.

With Tommy Wiseau at a screening of "The Room." ft. Mark Boncyk. May 2011.

Playing arcade games at Pharaoh's Lost Kingdom. Ripped from VHS tape recorded in 2003.

Front of Pharoah's Lost Kingdom "Sphynx." Ripped from VHS tape recorded in 2003.

Sebastian in front of the original Starbucks location in Seattle, Washington. 2012, 35mm disposable camera.

Tom taking a photo of Pike Place Market in Seattle, Washington. 2012, shot on disposable 35mm camera.

Mount Hood from Timberline Lodge. Sometime in 2018, 35mm.