The Symposium of Sebastian Valmont

Welcome to my website! My name is Sebastian Valmont- I am a published writer, amateur photographer, road trip enthusiast and longtime internet lurker. 

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Latest Photographs

Sunset at Tualatin Wildlife Refuge

A view of the sunset at the Tualatin River Wildlife Refuge. November 2023, 35mm. Shot on Canon Rebel EOS.

Emergency Phone Booth

A phone booth converted to an emergency phone near Molalla River Recreation Area. November 2023, 35mm. Shot on Ilford Sprite-II.

Photos Retrieved from the Archive

Misty Night on Skyline Boulevard

A cold, misty night along Skyline Boulevard in Portland, Oregon. 2018, 35mm. Shot on Canon AE-1.

Tonalli's Doughnuts & Ice Cream

A now-defunct donut shop on Alberta and 28th Street in Portland, Oregon. 2016, 35mm. Shot on disposable camera.